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Hey, I am Elmeri, a 19-years old boy from cold but beautiful Finland! Thanks for stopping by and reading about me and my entrepreneur story!

I started an eCommerce business over 3 years ago at 16 years old, I had bad English skills and absolutely zero e-commerce experience and I did not even know the term E-commerce. I started by selling trending garden tools on my website. I got 4000 euros by mowing lawns for many of my neighbors, 3000 euros of that I put into e-commerce and failed all. Then I worked in a restaurant in wintertime, put again around 3000 euros into this and again failed all. At this point, I was feeling a little stressed but I always had the vision & trust in my mind that this will work out! Last summer, I again mowed lawns and earned 4000 euros, put it all into e-commerce again, and I found success with it! It was like finding the key to a lock, it just clicked.

In the past year, I have made 150 000$ in sales with my various E-commerce stores. The amount of times I failed to achieve is so big that 99% would have given up.

I have been writing on this blog since last year on topics related to eCommerce, marketing, business, SEO, social media, software, and many more!

Elmeri Palokangas
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This is me at age 17 gaining money to spend on my Ecommerce business, which I ended up failing. It took me one more year to make it profitable.

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