Open Letter For My Quest Post Recipients

I write about topics like eCommerce, business, SEO, advertising, social media, different softwares, and a lot more!  

Here is some of my previous work:

Why you should consider accepting my Guest Post?

You have the possibility to say no, and I am ok with that. I will not spam your email.
But in case you are even considering accepting this little bit, here is two big reasons why:

First and the most important,

1. I add value and keep your audience interested

I am an excellent writer, I am excellent at adding value to your audience, and I know how to write text and keep the audience interested. I can pitch you good topics that benefit your site and I promise to give my all for every guest post I write.

2. This is a little selfish reason… but I love mountain climbing!

I have a huge goal of becoming the first Finnish-born person to climb the highest peak of all 7 continents and visit the north and south poles…
It’s called the Explorers Grand Slam! Yes, I know that might sound crazy goal, but dreams should be crazy!

I am working like crazy to make this work!

I am building a blog/freelance writing business to fund my mountain climbing, I am working crazy hours every day to make this work. It is my number #1 goal to make this work and fund my goal. 

I am saying all this stuff, but have I done anything?

Yes, I have already started this challenge. Last July, I climbed Europe’s highest mountain, Mount Elbrus (5642 meters/18,500 feet). And oh boy was it the best and craziest week of my life…

My next target is Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa’s Highest Mountain.) I am doing it this year (2022 August).

That is my biggest motivator.

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and that’s why I chose to blog and that’s why I am writing this text and doing guest posts for sites like yours. 

If you accept me to do a guest post

I will do research on what would be good for your site, and make sure there is no existing post about the same idea.

I mainly write about topics like eCommerce, business, SEO, advertising, social media, different softwares, and a lot more!  

I built an eCommerce site that got 150,000$ in sales at the age of 19, I have a very interesting story on how that happened too. I am always open to telling that story for a blog site (and showing the proof if wanted).

One more thing about mountain climbing…

I don’t want to do it alone…

Everyone who helps me even a little gets a name on a flag. I will carry this flag to all the summits, also to the north and south pole!

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